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My precise! Fear not the Lion!

In Linux world every distro realease is like a Divali! for the ubuntu fan it come to April and october for every year..But after  unity ‘s introduction there is a stunned silence, several developers and fans are now turning to mint only..I my self cann’t use Ubuntu, but curiousty kill the crow! so i took the final plung… before hand I had to say something about ubuntu’s new 12.04 Precise Pangolin

It has a new quick search feature called the HUD, some new privacy settings, a few tweaks to the Unity interface, and more.

This release is another “Long Term Support” release, meaning Canonical will support it for longer than other versions—five years

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re using a program, and want to do something specific that you know is in the menus, but you just don’t know where? The new HUD solves that problem. Just hit Alt, and a search bar will pop up in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. From there you can type in what you’re looking for, and it will return any menu items that match your queris.

Over time, it also learns from your previous choices to make the search more and more accurate

the “Appearance” panel in the software’s system settings lets you more easily configure some properties of Unity

power savings, RC6–the technology that allows GPUs to go into a very low power consumption state when the GPU is idle–is now enabled by default for Sandy Bridge systems. The result can be improvements of between 40 and 60 percent in power usage under idle loads,

Don’t like Unity?

I dunno why, I also used to hate unity too. But Unity is getting better

and if you still don’t want unity, you can google on Cinnamon, Gnome 2 or Gnome shell to replace unity with it.

like this http://www.noobslab.com/2012/01/install-cinnamon-12-with-new-features.html

also I’m getting tired of people comparing Ubuntu with linux Mint.

even if Linux mint best Ubuntu, the linux community would go no where like the last 10/15 years

While Ubuntu is the only Linux Distro that is going out of the PC Box

whole the way to Tablets, TV and Mobile

and ask yourself, what has Mint done?

Alternatively, the good folks at Cairo Dock can help us with just adding a function of window titles / names in their Dock in ‘Panel view’. Problem solved. Best of both worlds, Classic & Unity!

Ofcourse I lavishing the praise but, lets us come to the practical user part

Installed in my Lenova Thinkpad X120E, which already housed Win 7,pear Linux and Linux Mint 12.

Shocked to see ‘Grub rescue> message on reboot.. In my assembed AMD box which housed the same Oses, also same problem..In both cases I manually installed ‘pRECISE’ on Pear Linux place. in my Thinkpad case,using the Ubuntu Cd in the Live mode, reinstalled the grub..

In my Desktop simply deleted the failed ubuntu partition again recreated it, installed ubuntu..This is strange.. AFTER 9.04 i never seen this message ‘grub rescue’ in every Linux installation,in my Desktop as well as my friends laptops..
After experimenting with unity’s HUD, my next shock was, network manager not recognising my BSNL ;Capitel EVDO modem…until 11.10 ubuntu work fne . After finding the vendor id and product id from ‘lsusb ‘ command in Terminal I edit the etc/modules file and wrote it, so I need not retyping the same..Now EVDO is fine..Now I know ehy ‘Linux Mint is now on top of DW..

One great improvement that Precise has over other distributions,(Including mint) is it has a great power saving which is a life saver for my Thinkpad x102e.. another great features is without installing the any additional propritary ATI drivers it work great.. still to evolvate before finally love it or hate it..


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