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BSNL’s ‘Pantel’ blow out ‘Aakash’

February 25, 2012 2 comments

BSNL, the state-owned telecom giant, has launched a new tablet in India that wants to take the failing Aakash tablet head-on. Noida-based company Pantel Technologies was tapped to produce the T-Pad IS 710r and it’s priced at just Rs. 3,250, o– a fraction above the  Aakash price with better configuration.

The Penta TPAD IS701R is a powerful tablet solution at an unbelievably affordable price you may never have dreamed of! An Android OS based system with a high resolution 7” resistive touch screen (TFT Display) coupled with a powerful 1GHz processor and inbuilt DDR II 256M RAM give you best performance in the entry level category. You have all the controls in a single finger touch mode. Browse web wirelessly or enjoy media playback on this entry level Penta TPAD. The built in 2GB memory can be expanded upto 32GB using the onboard TF Card slot.

More about the data plans is here

Bundling PANTEL – Data palns 21-02-12

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BSNL ended Unlimited Plan in 2G & 3G Prepaid!

February 24, 2011 1 comment

After scorching the 3 G War with its unlimited plans, finally BSNL is biding goodbye to it’s best selling USP.. first the Rs4200/ for 6 months was closed on 31-01-2011, now the remaining original prepaid plan Rs1499/ p.m is now ended.  BSNL does not says anything about the post paid UNlimited Rs1359/ p.m, but no immediate change  is likely to happen, since TRAI has mandated that six months time to be given to users.

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  1. 2G & 3G prepaid data recharge vouchers:-
MRP of RCV in Service Free data usage Additional usage Remark
Rs. / 30 days (with validity of 30 charges with pulse
days) rate of 10KB
274 2G Unlimited NA Withdrawn
270 2G 6 GB Rs.0.02/10KB New
1499 3G Unlimited NA Withdrawn
1503 3G 15 GB Rs.0.02/10KB New
3003 3G 35 GB Rs.0.02/10KB New


  1. The data usage charges applicable to all data/voice plans under 2G and 3G mobile services revised from existing Rs.0.01/10KB to Rs.0.02/10KB.
  1. The free data usage allowed is also applicable while in national roaming.
  1. The usage charge beyond free usage is same for Home LSA and roaming.

It is no secret some of the officers are hellpending to helping and leaking the information to other ISP , and Sunil Mittal already know beforehand BSNL is not gooing to maintaned the UNLIMITED Plans, so he confidentially  said” We are not at Price War” How rightly he is, unless he know beforehand..

In the present TOP BSNL Management, hardly anyone loyal to BSNL . all are divided between ‘ Anil and Mittal’ groups

With leadership crisis is engulfing BSNL the little satraps in the  BSNL corporate Office are running riot with introducing maddening plans, to kill BSNL revival in nearest future..

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Apple and BSNL..Made for each other ?

February 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Apple’s steve Job may be a Hero for the world Tech masses..worshipped as creator of Jesus phone by his fans,.. but India taught a important but a painful lesson for Steve Job, when his Iphone enter the Indian market Via Airtel and Vodophone partnership in late 2008 Just 20000 iphones sold (Blackmarket excluded) for the two years ranged and 90% of inventory marked for india was dumped to srilanka and malaysia..(amazingly the phones sold through black market volumes was higher than the official launch up)..Even when the ipad is a smashing hit in the neighbouring markets apple has delayed the Indian launch for almost a year..
now with a new partnership (but no tieup) with BSNL apple is reentering the indian market..
Two important reasons: except two metro BSNL has wide reach for All India basis coverage( even in MTNL area Bsnl has wide reach with roaming capabilities.. further BSNL is the only operator offer the non hindering 3 G unlimited speed by a thousand buck (Rs999)without any FUP
even when BSNL withdraw unlimited concessional plan it announced new plan for exclusive Ipad only, which raise the hope that the move is Ipad centeric policy..

see the plan details as follows:

BSNL Corporate office letter no 26-25/2010-T&C–Circular T & C-CM no.98/10-11 dt 30-11-10.

Vide C.O. Circular ref. above, the Data Plan tariff for 3G service bundling with M/S. Apple for I-Pad is to be introduced. The details are given below:-

  1. Prepaid Plans:

Sl.No Particulars Tariff
1 32K Micro SIM & Activation in Rs. 30
2 MRP of FRC in Rs.^ 70
3 Starter Pack in Rs.^ 100
4 Free Usage with Activation 1 GB/Month for six Months
5 iPad data Plans>>> Unlimited Monthly Plan Limited Monthly Plan Daily Plan
6 MRP of Recharge vouchers (RCV) in Rs.^ 999 599 102
7 Free Data Usage Unlimited 6GB Unlimited
8 validity 30 days 30 days 1 day
9 Data usage charges beyond free usage NA 1p/10KB NA

^ MRP is inclusive of service tax @ 10.30%.

  1. Post paid Plans:

Sl.No Particulars Unlimited Monthly Plan
1 Activation charges in Rs. 100
2 FMC in Rs. 999
3 Free Data Usage Unlimited
4 Validity One month

  1. Initial validity of the plan in case of prepaid service will be 180 days.

  2. In case of post paid plan, one month validity is with ref. to the billing cycle followed in the circle. For customers taking connection in between the starting and billing date, the FMC and free data usage will be calculated proportionately.

  3. The tariff plans designed for bundling with iPad are basically for data service. However, if the features of voice call, video calls and SMS are available with iPad in future, the base voice call, video call and SMS tariff as applicable to 3G data plans. i.e. general 120 under prepaid and Plan 99 under postpaid services will be applicable.

  1. In general the validity available with data RCVs will increase both the main account validity and plan validity.

  2. Beyond the free data usage customer can use any of the data RCVs for ipad mentioned above or any existing topup coupons of 2G/3G services from which the 1p/10 KB will be deducted.

  3. The free data usage will also be available while national roaming.

  4. The normal data usage charges i.e. 1p/10KB will also be applicable while national roaming.

  • SIM & Plan activation (i.e. starter pack) are to be done through sancharsoft only and the DATA plan denominations Rs.999,599 & 102 are to be activated through C TOP-UP, only to the iPad DATA Plan customers in case of prepaid. These three denominations cannot be used by any of our 2G/3G customers other than ipad customers.

  • These iPad customers cannot use any of the existing 3G DATA RCVs.

The above Tariff plan is implemented with effect from 08.02.2011.

Whether Ipad break the Iphone jinx here?especially Indian made Notion Ink Adam daunted as Ipad’s killer, and Motorola ‘s xoom’ waiting to Zoom..

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M/s Huawei’s Game plan..Destruct BSNL!!

January 30, 2011 1 comment

The slow death of BSNL now gripping is not actually self implicated. But well thought and well planned before the spectrum-gate and even before the Previous parliament elections notified..crores of rupees changed hands at that time and Radia Tapes reveal it only partial..
M/s huawei is simple tools in the hands of Big power houses who wanted to destroy BSNL so it come to them at cheaper rate when it finally sold in the junk market….A profit making BSNL is beyond their reach but a lose making entity will undervalued and sold at death cheap rate..
The 3G services in entire South India are experiencing speed problem for the last two weeks. Neither the Vendor M/S Huawei nor the BSNL authorities in the corporate office (whom themselves deputation from DOT, not necessarily interested in BSNL management) are taking any corrective steps to rectify the problem. The vendor is not even acknowledging that such problem exists because BSNL management which is either unable or not willing to deal with erratic vendors. BSNL conducted various tests by using a roaming 3G SIM of another GGSN and confirmed that in Kerala NW is getting only 200 kbps speed while the roaming SIM speed was about 2 Mbps. This information has been forwarded to all higher ups including the vendor on 13-01-2011 itself. The vendor is saying that the problem with their fire wall attached to the Chennai GGSN was rectified and they don’t have to do anything further to rectify the problem and the problem is with the congestion of the two 2 GE links connecting the GGSN Chennai and the NIB core. The vendor M/s Huwaei has taken two weeks to locate the problem with their fire wall ! A similar problem was observed in the month of Dec 2010 and it took two weeks for the vendor to locate the problem. The then problem was that the two GE links were provided as active and standby mode and the problem was resolved by making the links in load sharing mode between Chennai GGSN and NIB.

In effect, the 3G service is severely affected and customers are migrating to TATA DOCOMO .The interesting part of whole the story is that the service provider for DOCOMO 3G is also Huawei?. It is wonder How M/s Huwei is helping TATA DOCOMO ?

Karnataka Circle has also pointed very slow speed on 3G data services and blackmailing by the vendor, M/s Huwaei (pl. refer the previous post)
It appears that no one is able to control the vendor from BSNL side whereas the same vendor is virtually chained by DOCOMO. This is the big difference in managerial expertise between BSNL and other service providers. For smallest dereliction, heads will roll in DOCOMO, whereas, even if the vendor holds BSNL to any kind of ransom, which generally is visible, nothing is going to happen in BSNL. Even no effort will be made to fix the responsibility.
It is a free for all situations in BSNL now!

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BSNL and M/s Huawei at logger heads with 3 G Data woes

January 26, 2011 4 comments

It is not a open secret any more. With mounting 3 G data woes of Bsnl customers especially in the southern states where M/s huawei is a 3 G Network infrastrucure maintenance contractor,
the 3 G data woes (frequent disconnection, slow speed etc).
Bsnl corpotate Office where the Reports are pouring, passing the buck to circle GMs to sort out the issues, which is not helping either..

Here is a extract of one GM letter to BSNL corporate office, what is the actual problem is

As one Engineer from M/s Huawei put it clearly across the discussion board, ‘we are in a job todo the network up running, the unlimited plans where many users rush with higher speed data cards than the announced speed is putting much strain on the network and only the particular section is benefited where as other users are left with little speed , so we are capping them, to give other users a chance to use the network”.

But BSNL side counter this view, “they have no business to tell us what to do?.. their job is to maintaining the network.” that is all.. But they are capping the users in the unlimited and disconnecting afterwards.. this left with frequent complaints from BSNL users which is tarnishing the BSNL image..”

It is more likely the competitors are delighted

Now after the feedback BSNL think tank(? if any?) has some suggestion..
Cap the speed at 3.1 mbps (which is announced speed..
Users want the more speed may get limited speed or fairusuage policy
Unlimited data plans may be again back to Rs.3000/(without any data speed cap or with speed upto only 3.1 mbps at current price of Rs.1500/ (which is still cheap than the competitors.
Do nothing.. simply wait for the inevitable..(very likely a BSNL style..

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BSNL 3G (Terracom )DATA Cards-Trouble shooting!

January 23, 2011 Leave a comment

If any of the mentioned are not working to you simply returned the DATA card to BSNL(your nearest Customer Service Centre) and get new DATA card..

I am having nokia Music xpress 5800 don’t felt need for datacard.. you may purchase other brand such as Huwei or Zte, they are very good and available in ebay.. Also micromax is lesser evil than Teracom..

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BSNL 3G-review

December 26, 2010 8 comments

As many of my friends who are BSNL users requested me to review the BSNl 3 G performance. this review is applicable only to Chennai and its suburban  areas. Servicing wireless communications is more difficult in metro areas than in Rural and small cities side..My trusted companion Nokia Music xpress 5800 make it possible..

A little introduction,

When the BSNL 3G introduced the unlimited option was set to very much high at 3000/- p.m in the initial stage, even MTNL which introduced 3G much before BSNL was struggled with just 3000 subscribers for the first 3 months,and BSNL with just 20000 in its all India deputation for the first two months.The planners in corporate office took hint of the initial frustration of customers, then revise the plan at several stages..To day exactly after one year, BSNL 3 G subscribers crossed 20 lahks all over india, not withstanding first 6 months was stagnant, and all the spurt happened in the last six months..

As a EVDO user I took 3 G for voice and video calls only..But when I replace my laptop with Nokia 5800 during my trips from my home to duty place (35 k.m two buses or one train one bus) i got almost 3 G signal in every place. But only my house was situated in the non signal area, where the 3 G signal is available just 1,2, and 3 then gone to E mostly E signal only…

My family who always critise BSNL, Particularly my daughter, but surprised the voice quality…However video call always worst, but not with the BSNL services, but because the front facing camera included by Nokia is just plain 256k so video appears as slow motion film, as voice finished, and that its funnay.. I try video calls where the signal is good this time slow motion is gone but still the video is  dark and patchy because due to nokia’s video camera…

about data, for one hour browsing through google news items just not more than one rupee charged .. charges always in i am using 500 Recharge card without top up for the past 5 months , solely for browsing the news while travelling in metro trains..The people who lived in the hell of 2 G GPRS  can only apprised this good speed of 3 G and only they can enjoy its benefits. (remember how we all in the sancharnet era dialup with 56kbps modem just crawling at 10 kbps, than when maran throw 2 Mbps ADSL connection with 500 night un limited plan and UL900(now UL750)

So far as I have not any dedicated data plan , but two days ago I recharged with 4200/ (for sixmonths)  The officer asked me whether I want datacard.. As I don’t know how much speed that I got, I said no, but intended to use my nokia as usb modem with my PC ..

after configuring the 3 G settings in my ubuntu, just fireup it , and disappointed..I am getting just 2KB and 5 kB only..Because 3.5G just one bar appear(rather flickering) then go back to Edge(E) mode.. So I go to settings menu then tick the networks as ‘UMTS’ instead of ‘DualMode’.(Dual mode only work if you have strong 3 G signal minimum 4 bar)

This time I was stunned to see my torrents and my computer gone to gracy.. see the shots..

After 5 hours running this show burn 3 linux cd and two torrents worth 1.5 GB but one of the draw back is halfway my nokia battery dead, and heated like hot potato… So my advise is if you want heavy download purchase data card, dont use your phone..another draw back is as i am dead signal area the bar is counting 1,2,3 then dead, Ubuntu announced network disconnected.. only way again connected is draw out the USB cable from PC then again plug it) this is Linux basis proplem i am not aware how it happened in windows, perhaps it automatically reconnected?

so folks this is not full review i wish to get 7 Mbps card and test it in full3G signal available area..

another note is , speed is coming only during night between 10 to morning 7 a.m( maximum speed registered is 395KBps) after wards  average 60KBps occasioal peak at 200KBps)

although I don’t recommended BSNL datacards(Terracom) but one advantages is BSNL is issuing new cards whoever returning as faulty.. i am not aware how the other 3 G card dealers are accepting the return.. You may read out the return policy of them before buying ..

good luck folks,

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